How to set up the Internet by WISP on netis wireless routers?

Sometimes the wireless signal is too weak or the wireless router is far away from the wireless clients. You can choose to configure WISP for netis router to extend the wireless coverage.


Common network connection topology is as follows.

Step 1. Open the web browser and type the IP address of the router (default: into the address bar, then press Enter.



Note: The address is NOT on the Internet. The web-based configuration page is built into the router.


Step 2. After login please go to Network-> WAN, choose Wireless Access and click AP Scan, choose the SSID of the main AP or hot spot or WISP on pop-up page, then click the Connect button.



Note: If the main AP or hot spot or WISP has been setup, your router should setup or others which means the two routers can’t stay in the same network segment. You can check your router’s LAN IP in Status -> LAN to see if it is different from the main AP or hot spot or WISP. You can change the LAN IP in Network->LAN.
Step 3. Set the key to match the main AP or hot spot or WISP, which means it must be the same as the main device’s key. Then click the Save button.



Step 4. Check the status page and see if it gets the correct IP, Mask, Gateway and DNS. Remember to check the Link Status, if it shows Connected as the following picture shows, then you already get the Internet now on the computer.



Step 5. Check the wireless status. You can check the Status page and then see the Wireless Status if it is Enable as the following page shows. Then you can access the Internet wirelessly.



Step 6. If you want to try the wireless, please connect the computer to the SSID you set and type in the password, then click Connect. When the network shows connected, you can go to internet wirelessly.