How to make netis wireless USB adapters work as SoftAP?

1. Topology

2. The configuration steps

Step 1. Install netis wireless USB adapter’s driver to you PC1 with CD, and you can see the Utility icon on the desktop.

Step 2. Double click the icon, open the Utility and change the Mode from Station to Access Point.

Step 3. After changed successfully, you will see the Utility also changed to the Access Point configuration page.

Step 4. Click Config button, and then you can set SSID and Password to the new window.

Note: Default SSID: a random value

          Default password: no password

Step 5. Select Setting Internet Connection Sharing(ICS),then your PC1 will share the Internet through the netis router’s AP function.

Step 6. Now your PC2 or phone can connect the AP’s SSID (set in step 4 ) and search the Internet successfully.