1Port G.NOW Terminal

    As the network protocol is constantly updated, Sometimes it is difficult to connect the fiber directly to the end user, when upgrading cable to the fiber options. In this case, we need a solution to complete the final step to help end users join the fiber network, rather than using the real fiber. Netis E8-G has already achieved that goal.

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    1 Port G.NOW Terminal

    E8-G G.NOW system includes an outdoor CO and indoor CPE.
    --Outdoor CO is installed near fiber or copper DP.
    --Indoor CPE is installed in user’s home.

    What G.NOW does?

    Netis 1 Port G.NOW Terminal E8-G provides a network solution to make users join the fiber network without fiber entry at the last step. It solves the problem wiring fibers directly to final user’s home during the network protocol upgrading from twisted-pair to optical fiber. EG-8 Uplink complies with GPON protocol, meanwhile Supports OLT from HUAWEI, ZTE, FIREHOME, BELL.

    High-speed Optical Connection

    Applying the Gigabit-Capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology , the E8-G provides a high-speed Wi-Fi through optical fiber which stays just outside user’s home. Installing easily with an original twisted-pair entry, It will bring users a ultra-fast experience and high bandwidth utilization even on concurrent multiple activities such as online gaming, video streaming and real-time audio.

    VOIP Calls

    The E8-G supports phone services over Internet by connecting the device to the existing telephone set, so that you can make mutiple communication such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, VAD (Voice Activity Detection), 3-way conference calls.


    E8-G can provide you a wonderful interactive lag-free IPTV experience with ultra-fast speeds.

    Remote Management

    The E8-G provides OAM & TR069 for service providers to conduct remote device management and monitoring.