AV600 Powerline Adapter Kit

    The netis AV600 Powerline Adapter PL7600 Kit turns your existing electrical wiring into a high speed network without extra wires or drilling into the wall. The adapters require no configuration. Simply plug your adapters into your power sockets and you can establish networking in a snap.

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    Plug & Play

    You can set up a stable Powerline connection within seconds with PL7600 Kit, just plug in and play, no configuration required.

    300Meters Range

    PL7600 Kit can cover the connection range over the same electrical circuit with a line length of up to 300 meters.

    Homeplug AV 600Mbps

    PL7600 Kit supports Homeplug AV standard, delivering up to 600Mbps data transfer rate over existing electrical wires, no extra wires required. It’s ideal for HD video streaming, online gaming and general Internet surfing.

    80% Power Saving When Standby

    When there is no data transmission occurs over a certain period of time, PL7600 Kit will automatically switch to Power-Saving Mode which will reduce power consumption by up to 80%.

    128-bit AES Encryption

    Press the Group button on each PL7600 for 2 seconds one by one, in 2 minutes, you can easily setup a secured Powerline connection with 128-bit AES encryption.

    EU,US,UK and AU Plug Available